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Hello readers!
Baru aje dapat download lagu yang agak agak baru bagi Nurul la. Then ade plak lagu BE MY BABY : WONDER GIRLS ni. Sedap kot... jom layan! Nurul kasi English translation lagi tu.. boleh feeling feeling.. heh3 

Watching, I keep looking and
Waiting, Wishing that you would come close
Come to me now, please take me with you
Dreaming, that you feel the same way as I do
Praying, I pray anxiously
I put my hands together to the sky like this
This has never happened to me, my heart is beating
I have only seen you a few times but
You keep coming out in my dreams
I try to be calm but whenever you show up in front of me
I feel like I’m going to tell you I love you


Please be my baby
Please be my baby
Whenever I think about you, I go crazy
Cause I want to have you
Make me your lady
Make me your lady
I will give you my love and
I will never make you regret, no

Crazy, I must be crazy
Lately, whatever I do all day
A picture of you is stuck in my head
Perfect, everything is perfect
Terrific, outside and inside
How come you don’t have a single thing that is missing?
I try to be calm but whenever you show up in front of me
I feel like I’m going to tell you I love you


Now, stop contemplating
Don’t doubt what I say
Listen to me and follow me
I know that I will be your last girl
And you will be my last boy but
You don’t know it yet, why are you surprised?
Come on, pick me now
You don’t need to say anything
Just do as I say, just be good to me
So look at me, who is in front of you and decide
What do you think? Born in 1988, age is perfect
Everything is just right


sumber : gugel

sumber : gugel

Nurul suke tang korus tu aje.. hihi

Oke, itu je.


Nurul : lagu ni lambat keluar. kalau tak bole ngorat beliau guna lagu ni. -.- konon macho sikit la kan? Muahahaa :D

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15 tak suke masam jugak kan? ^^:

aisya said...

lagu baru wondergirls kan? =)

Juliet_iRa~" said...

hee..comel je lagu dia..

suka tang korus juga..;p

Cik Nurul said...


yup! ^^

Cik Nurul said...


kan kan? samelah kite.. ^^

LiLy @ MumMyQiStInA said...

Cute2 semuanye.. ^^

Nurul ain said...

ini sangat comel... aaawwwww.. :)

Juliet_iRa~" said...

ehehe..yappp ;p

rajin ea cari video..:)

Aida Omar said...

wah!! lagu baru wondergirl eh. tak pernah tahu n dengar lagi. hehe..

Cik Nurul said...

LiLy @ MumMyQiStInA

betol2 tp nurul suke SNSD lg.. ;)

Cik Nurul said...

Nurul ain

nurul comel x? muahahaha

Cik Nurul said...


suke youtube ape yg best aje.. hihi

ShahzCudin said...

tgk running man?

m!3yr4h_LolLy said...

memang best part chorus dia to. sweet jep kan kalau tuju kat someone nie. keh keh

Cik Nurul said...


huh? xpaham.. -.-

Cik Nurul said...


tawu xpe! heh3

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